The road between Mae Ngao to Sop Moei

One of the main reasons why so few tourists have ventured into Sop Moei is because this isolated district is not easy to reach. Less than 40 years ago, an 18 hour walk through the jungle was one of the few ways to travel on land between Sop Moei and its nearest neighbour. Nowadays, the winding and narrow Route 105 is the fastest way for motorcycles and 4X4 vehicles to reach Sop Moei. A bus route from Mae Sariang to Mae Ngao and a songtaew route from Mae Sariang to Mae Sod are the only public transportation options which travel through Sop Moei.

Getting around the district of Sop Moei is also quite challenging. Motorised transportation is often impractical as unpaved back roads are frequently impassable during the rainiest months between June and early October. Therefore, walking and boating are usually the easiest ways to travel around Sop Moei for locals and tourists alike. People unfamiliar with the area, however, should be accompanied by trained guides before attempting any trekking expeditions through Sop Moei’s jungle trails.

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