Coriander in Redwood

Most of Mae Sariang’s eating and drinking establishments are situated close to the banks of the Yuam River. Some Mae Sariang guesthouses serve up homemade local cuisine, but tourists can also sample Mae Sariang staple food at night markets.

There are some rice and noodle shops clustered around the Mae Sariang bus station, an area which also contains a few karaoke bars. Most other Mae Sariang watering holes include outdoor terraces. Foodies may also wish to travel the 32kms to Sop Moei, a border village filled with authentic Burmese restaurants, roti stalls, and tea shops.

 Recommended Restaurants in Mae Sariang: 
Café de Grill | Coriander in Redwood | Corsica BBQ Grill | Intira Restaurant | Sawaddee Restaurant | Further Reading

Diners can enjoy their meals while sitting in the spacious riverside seating area at the recently renovated Sawaddee Restaurant. Good quality vegetarian options are available on the Sawaddee Restaurant menu, which is available in English. The restaurant owner also speaks English, can whip up a tasty American-style breakfast, and will tone down the spiciness of local dishes upon request.
Sawaddee Restaurant: A. Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son 58110 | Open: 17:00-24:00 (Daily) | Tel: +66 91 078 3104 | Map

Another Mae Sariang restaurant with an extensive menu in English is Intira. The size of both this picturesque teak riverside restaurant and the portions of its dishes are quite impressive. Local specialties on the menu include red curry and a spicy prawn soup called tom-yum goong.
Intira: #170/1, Wiang Mai Rd., T. Mae Sariang, A. Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son 58110 | Open: 09:00-21:00 (Daily) Tel: +66 53 681 529, +66 53 681 441 | Map

Coriander in Redwood is located further away from the river than other Mae Sariang restaurants, but this varnished teak restaurant is a good choice for diners wanting to sample Thai food without fear of the chefs going overboard on the chillies. This is also one of the few Mae Sariang restaurants with its own wine list.
Coriander in Redwood: #12, M. 2, Langpanich Rd., T. Mae Sariang, A. Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son 58110 | Open: 11:00-22:00 (Daily) | Tel: +66 53 683 309 | Website | Facebook | Map

This American-style restaurant offers free wireless internet access. Some Café de Grill dishes are accompanied by Karen chili sauce, while fried ice cream and Yakult frappes are among the sweetest items on the menu.
Café de Grill: #29/9, M. 12, T. Baan Kad, A. Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son 58110 | Open: 10:00-18:00 (Daily) | Tel: +66 53 682 646 | Website | Facebook | EmailMap


The menu is variable at Corsica BBQ Grill and, depending on the day, may include such diverse dishes as pizza, paella, and pork steak. Italian, however, is the dominant cuisine at this intimate restaurant owned by a Thai and French couple.
Corsica BBQ Grill: #40/1, Langpanich Rd., T. Mae Sariang, A. Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son 58000 | Open: 07:00-22:00 (Monday-Friday) | Tel: +66 53 678 079 | Facebook | Map

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