Bo Sang Umbrella Festival Dates Confirmed for 2019

The organisers of the annual Bo Sang Umbrella Festival have confirmed that the 2019 event is a three-day one and will go ahead as it usually does over the third weekend of January. Via Facebook, the organisers of the 36th edition of the popular fest say it will take place between the 18 and 20 January.

The 2019 festival will feature the usual colourful parades including the highlight one of beautiful ladies wearing traditional Thai dress and riding bikes while carrying Bo Sang’s signature umbrellas. In Bo Sang Village, lanterns and umbrellas are fitted with lights and, as soon as darkness falls, are switched on to create an almost surreal sight.

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Other key Bo Sang Umbrella Festival happenings are beauty and culture shows, live music and dance, and a street market. Food and drinks vendors will be on hand to provide the opportunity of sampling the unique tastes of Northern Thailand. Bo Sang Village is a part of the so-called San Kamphaeng Handicraft Highway and is around 10kms east of Chiang Mai Old City.