24 Hour Alcohol Ban for Thailand General Election

Due to a general election taking place in Thailand this weekend, authorities have confirmed the sale of alcohol will be banned for a full 24 hours. The ban kicks in on Saturday, the 23rd of March, at 18:00 and will end at the same time on Sunday. The prohibition of alcohol on the eve of an election day and the day itself is a long-standing tradition in Thailand and follows a similar one last weekend.

Election Commission Secretary Jarungwit Phumma announced the two consecutive dry Saturday nights earlier in March. The alcohol ban for the 16th was ordered to allow voters not living at their registered addresses to cast advance votes at designated poll booths on Sunday. The election this coming Sunday will see the rest of the Thai electorate vote for their desired candidates.

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The ban applies to the sale of all beers, wines and liquors. The majority of bars and nightlife venues in the country generally shut up shop for the duration of the 24-hour bans. Restaurants often stay open but comply with the bans. The ban on the sale of alcohol in Thailand is enforced on some religious holidays as well as election days. The Bank of Thailand has issued a list of 2019 public holidays.