Flight of the Gibbon Sponsors A Tree Planting Event

Chiang Mai’s Flight of the Gibbon zipline centre has been doing its bit to preserve the forests of Northern Thailand for posterity. Last month, the facility staged a mass tree planting event in the forests of Mae Kampong. In a recently released bulletin, Flight of the Gibbon stated that its staff had joined sponsors and members of the public in planting more than 2,000 saplings in nearby forestland.

The eco-tourism initiative saw the teams of volunteers plant 26 different tree species which included podocarpus conifers, Indian gooseberry and orange wild rhea. In the statement, Flight of the Gibbon explained that the species had been chosen for various reasons such as their long branch spans which provided shade and was instrumental in keeping weeds down. Another factor was the varieties of fruit they produced for wildlife.

Flight of the Gibbon conservation-officer Phuttida Nippanon noted that numerous people plus representatives of the various sponsors had turned up for the ceremony and it had been a great success. She said the tree planting initiative was designed to enhance local biodiversity and safeguard the Mae Kampong watershed.

Additional tree planting events at nearby national parks are scheduled for this month. On the 15 July, Mae Takri National Park will get a similar amount of saplings. Tham Pha Thai National Park will follow a week later, on the 22 July. Flight of the Gibbon has confirmed it plans to collaborate on the planting of 15,000 trees before the end of 2017.

Flight of the Gibbon was the pioneer of zipline adventures in Chiang Mai and is still rated as providing the premier experience. The What’s Up guide to zipline facilities in Chiang Mai has more details about how to enjoy the unique thrills and attractions of the Flight of the Gibbon centre.