Thailand to Mark the Coming of the New Year With a Four Day Holiday

Thailand will be celebrating the arrival of the New Year with a four-day-long national holiday. All official government offices will be closed between Saturday 30 December and Tuesday the 2 January 2018. The shutdown affects provincial and local government offices, and the main immigration offices in each of the nation’s provinces.

Immigration checkpoints at international airports such as Chiang Mai and Phuket or official land crossings with Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia or Malaysia are not affected and will open as usual. Local post offices and city banks will shut for the four days too. The exceptions to this are post offices at airports and bank branches at shopping malls.  

Thai people usually take advantage of the New Year’s holiday to travel. Roads out of Bangkok to Chiang Mai, the Northeast and beach towns such as Pattaya and Cha Am are always busy. Likewise, flights, trains and buses are invariably full and the wise traveller pre-books if planning to take a trip at this time of year.