Last Chance to Buy Discount Tickets for Jai Thep Festival 2019

Time is running out for people wishing to buy discount tickets for the 2019 edition of the Jai Thep Festival. The three-day music and live entertainment extravaganza is due to kick off on the 1st of February and the deadline for the purchase of advance tickets is the last day of January.

The advertisements for Jai Thep promise a fun-packed happening with exciting entertainment for attendees of all ages. Highlights of the eclectic music acts include local rock band Sanim Yok and the unique sounds of Deer from Hong Kong. In total, there will be four different entertainment stages which will showcase everything from comedy acts to electro music.

Workshops offering the likes of yoga sessions and kiddies’ play zones will add to the family-friendly fun as well. The organisers of the the Jai Thep Festival shifted to a new location at the Lanna Rock Garden for last year’s event and this is where it will be staged this year too. The gardens are at the southern end of the Samoeng Loop and 10kms from the crossroads of Highway 1269 and the Chiang Mai outer ring road. 

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An adult one-day ticket is currently THB900 and a three-day one is THB2,200. On the door, the same tickets will be THB1,000 and THB2,600 respectively. Online tickets are still available on the Ticket Melon website while the Jai Thep Festival Facebook page has the latest updates for the event.