Annual Lamphun Longan Festival Begins Tomorrow

Lamphun’s annual celebration of one of its most important crops is set to kick off tomorrow. The six-day-long Lamphun Longan (Lamyai) Festival will launch with a parade and all manner of fun events. The parade typically features decorated floats with longan beauty queens sitting on thrones.

The parade route includes the famous Wat Phra Haripunchai Temple and the town’s main sports field. The latter is the focal point of the festivities. Live entertainment featuring cultural shows and performances by the likes of local school bands starts at 20:00 every evening for the duration of the festival. Laser light performances and fireworks shows are all part of the fun.

Vendors set up shop at the sports stadium and sell longan snacks and desserts plus a selection of other Northern Thai delicacies and fruit drinks. There are stalls selling longans picked freshly from the trees. They don’t come much fresher than this. Provincial authorities and longan growers set up booths giving information about the fruit and growing it.  

Longan is the English word for a small brown fruit Thais call lamyai. It is a member of the same soapberry family as lychees, but tends to be quite a lot sweeter. Lamphun Longan Festival runs between 8 and 14 August. Most of the entertainment is scheduled to take place in the evenings. Lamphun is 28kms south of Chiang Mai Old City.

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