Thai Government Increases National Holiday for Songkran to Five Days

The government of Thailand recently approved a proposal to increase the number of national holiday days for the 2018 Songkran Festival. Instead of the usual four-day holiday, the festival this year will be marked with a five-day national holiday beginning Thursday the 12 April and ending on Monday the 16 April.

The Songkran holiday in Thailand does not usually start until the 13 April. Explaining the reasoning behind adding the extra day for 2018, a government spokesperson said the extended holiday would fuel demand for travel and give the Thai people more time to enjoy the auspicious festival. Athisit Chainuwat finished off by saying state organisations had been asked to ensure they were prepared to help people on the move during the holiday.

Although the festival celebrates the traditional Lanna New Year, Songkran is most famous nowadays for the water-fights held on the city streets and highways of Thailand. The moat around the Old City of Chiang Mai is one of the best locations in the kingdom to join the fun and festivities and attracts visitors by the thousand.