Annual Chiang Mai Strawberry Festival Ends on Valentine’s Day

The annual strawberry festival held in a mountain district of Chiang Mai concluded on Valentine’s Day. The main show and events zone was outside the district office in Samoeng. The festival saw strawberry growers and strawberry product producers display their wares on stalls set up for the occasion.

Sampling strawberries is not the only attraction of the festival as local authorities laid on colourful parades, a beauty pageant and cultural performances. These were staged at intervals over the five days of the festival.

The 2017 Chiang Mai Samoeng Strawberry Festival was the sixteenth in the series and ran between 10 and 14 February. It was originally launched to enable local farmers to showcase their strawberries and other products as well as to safeguard the cultural identities of Thais and ethnic hill-tribes living in the locality.

Samoeng is one of the most beautiful stops on the Samoeng Loop. This tourist trail links the adventure centres and tourism draws in the Mae Sa Valley to Samoeng and the Krisdadoi Resort gardens. The highways which make up this alternative Chiang Mai bypass route go through unspoilt forest which is particularly lush at this time of year.