Chiang Mai Night Safari Unveils White Tiger Cubs

Last week saw the introduction a trio of white tiger cubs at Chiang Mai’s second zoo, the Night Safari. To celebrate the first public outing of the three-month-old cubs they were given a cake made from meat. As part of the meet and greet week for the baby tigers, they were due to make additional appearances over the weekend to mark the Chinese New Year.

Night Safari director Netnapa Sutthithamdamrong says the three cubs have been named Fufu, Facai and Pingan and they are two males and a female in that order. Their names mean riches, good fortune and peace and also in the same sequence.

The Chiang Mai Night Safari was the second nocturnal zoo in the world when it opened in 2006. It was, and still is, the ideal complement to the collections and features of the long-established Chiang Mai Zoo. The Night Safari is now home to in excess of 1,400 animals representing 130 species. In addition to predators like the white tigers, creatures include alpacas, sloth bears and gnus.