Wat Jedlin Builds Enormous Sand Pagoda for Chiang Mai Songkran Festival

Volunteers and monks at Chiang Mai’s historic Jedlin Temple have been busy creating a gigantic sand pagoda for the forthcoming Songkran Festival. The pagoda (chedi sai) is almost finished and will be officially consecrated at a rite scheduled for the 10 April at 17:00.

Confirming the date of the ceremony, a Facebook post from Wat Jedlin also noted residents and tourists would be able to able to visit the site anytime between the 10 and 16 April. It is considered an act of merit to add a little more sand or stick a flag with your birth-date star sign into sand pagodas during Songkran.

The act of building the pagoda is a symbolic replacement of the dust and sand which has been taken out of the temple on the soles of people’s feet during the previous 12 months. Although the chedi sai at Wat Jedlin is the biggest in Chiang Mai, and probably Thailand too, many other city temples build their own sand pagodas to mark the Songkran Festival.

Wat Jedlin is located in the Old City District, on Prapokklao Road, and a couple of minutes on foot from the better known Wat Chedi Luang.