Pai has plenty of cafes and restaurants with its laid-back atmosphere.

Pai boasts a disproportionately large amount of restaurants for a community of its small size, but the greatest variety of cuisines on offer in Pai can be found at the stalls on Chaisongkran Road each evening. Vegetarians and people who prefer healthy eating will be pleasantly surprised at the number of Pai restaurants which cater to their specific dietary preferences.

 Thai Restaurants in Pai: 
Good Life | Na’s Kitchen | Om Garden Café
 Vegetarian Restaurants in Pai: 
Charlie and Leks | Earth Tone

 Western Restaurants in Pai: 
Big’s Little Café | Boomelicious Café | Cafecito | Pai Chan Cottage & Cuisine | Further Reading

GOOD LIFE                   

Health food aficionados may be especially interested in Good Life. This establishment is simple to spot because of its distinct wheat grass plant image. Brown rice, wheat grass shots, and a variety of teas can all be found on the Good Life menu, which includes both Thai and Western organic dishes.
Good Life: A. Pai, Mae Hong Son 58130 | Open: 08:00-23:00 (Daily) | Map


Those who prefer a more authentic Thai dining experience, specifically dishes from the country’s northern section, may prefer Na’s Kitchen. Na herself prepares many of the meals in her restaurant kitchen, speaks English, and will give Thai lessons upon polite request. Na’s Kitchen is only open after dark and tables can be tough to secure during high season.
Na’s Kitchen: T. Wiang Tai, A. Pai, Mae Hong Son 58130 | Open: 11:00-21:00 (Daily) | Map


The Om Garden Café menu items may frequently change, but the garden setting by a lotus pond with a sun deck always remains the same at this restaurant which specialises in vegetarian cuisine. It is not uncommon to encounter customers who roam barefoot or play musical instruments at this laid-back establishment.
Om Garden Café: #60/4, T. Wiang Tai, A. Pai, Mae Hong Son 58130 | Open: 08:00-17:00 (Tuesday-Sunday) | Tel: +66 82 451 5930 | Facebook | Email | Map

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The Western restaurants on Chaisongkran Road tend to receive higher ratings than their Thai counterparts, especially the ones which serve up coffee and breakfast. Many friendships among expats and tourists have begun at the wooden bench shaped like a U at Big’s Little Café. Diners can begin their day watching the preparation of their full English breakfast at this unassuming cottage’s open kitchen.
Big’s Little Café: T. Wiang Tai, A. Pai, Mae Hong Son 58130 | Open: 08:30-20:30 (Daily) | Tel: +66 93 131 3472 | Facebook | Map


Boomelicious Café is another Pai restaurant which stands out among the rest for its hearty breakfasts, high quality coffee, tasty shakes, and lovely stone bar. Diners may choose to eat outdoors on the patio or beneath the funky colourful chandeliers.
Boomelicious Café: #74/1, M. 3, A. Pai, Mae Hong Son 58130 | Open: 08:00-22:00 (Daily) | Tel: +66 80 342 9066, +66 83 209 1411, +66 86 329 3014  | Website | Facebook | Email | Map


Cafecito’s two main specialities are its tremendous variety of Mexican delicacies and house blend coffee. Not only is Cafecito’s coffee available in latte, Americano, or espresso format, but coffee lovers can even make requests as the staff blend and roast their brews. Gluten free brownies are also available alongside the tortillas, tacos, and smothered burritos on Cafecito’s menu.
Cafecito: #258, M. 8, T. Wiang Tai, A. Pai, Mae Hong Son 58130 | Open: 09:00-17:00 (Closed on Thursday) | Tel: +66 86 587 2107 | Facebook | Map


Bean bags and hammocks are the places where diners can savour both their meals and the stunning mountain backdrop at Pai Chan Cottage & Cuisine. The restaurant offers a variety of Western and Thai dishes. The menu also features a good choice of juices, soft drinks and Thai desserts.
Paiam Chan Cottage & Cuisine: #191, M. 1, T. Mae Hee, A. Pai, Mae Hong Son 58130 | Tel: +66 81 180 3064 | Facebook | Map



Vegans can sometimes struggle to find restaurants to accommodate their dietary requirements in some areas, but this certainly is not the case in Pai. Charlie and Leks stands out because of its cooking classes, romantic atmosphere, and the fact all of their vegetables were grown on the farm of this restaurant whose logo is We Love Lettuce.    
Charlie and Leks: T. Wiang Tai, A. Pai, Mae Hong Son 58130 | Open: 11:00-21:30 (Daily) | Tel: +66 81 733 9055 | Map


Vegan options are available on the menus of most Pai restaurants, but Earth Tone is one of the few establishments where the majority of meals are prepared without meat or other animal products. Vegan tempeh sandwiches, waffles with coconut milk, and raw sliced cakes are among the standout items on the menu of this vegetarian restaurant which also sells organic soap and other natural products.
Earth Tone: Opposite Mae Yen Temple, A. Pai, Mae Hong Son 58130 | Tel: +66 84 662 8062 | Facebook | Map

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